Your Child’s First Computer



Introducing GoNote Mini, a Touchscreen Android 4 Notebook

GoNote Mini is the ultimate ‘first computer’ to help your child learn and play, in a fun way. It has a 7″ capacitive touchscreen so your child can enjoy the best Android apps, as well as get familiar with a laptop layout from an early age. GoNote Mini is great for children of all ages, from toddlers to schoolkids and beyond, and at a breakthrough price that is affordable and inclusive.


Touch & Go

GoNote Mini takes the best of a netbook & a tablet and is unique because its a mini notebook that has a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen. Its perfect for children as its natural and intuitive to touch, swipe & pinch the screen rather than reaching for a mouse.

Powerful, Multi-Tasking Magic

The GoNote Mini has a compact powerhouse 1.2GHz ARM processor giving you a low-power, high-performance CPU, complete with dedicated graphics & 1GB DDR3 memory. With multi-tasking, you can keep numerous apps open to quickly jump from one to another at the touch of a button.

Portable and Robust

The GoNote Mini has a stylish yet robust design so its perfect for taking everywhere you go and your kid’s never lose an opportunity to learn. It’s lightweight but sturdy chassis make it portable, yet forgiving of younger users.

Child Friendly Keyboard

The GoNote Mini has a QWERTY silicon keyboard in the popular ‘chiclet’ style. Its comfortable to use and the large, clear buttons make it easy for children who’ve never used a keyboard to get to grips with typing- an absolutely invaluable life skill.

 touchscreen GoNote  Android Apps

Apps for Learning, for Fun, for everything…

GoNote Mini means you can play more, do more, watch more and work more on the go. With more than 700,000 apps to choose from*, you can find the right app when you need it. There are thousands of apps for free, from Angry Birds, ABC, Science, Maths, Phonics; the list goes on and on and on- theres something for everyone. The number of apps grows every day so you can keep up with the latest trends, and browse the app categories from ‘Education’ to ‘Brain and Puzzle’ to ‘Productivity’ and ‘Entertainment’ to find something new.
Note: Not all apps are compatible with GoNote Mini and Android 4

GoNote Skype Video call webcam

Apps for everyone, and for everything

GoNote Mini grows with your child. You can tailor your GoNote Mini with apps to suit your child now, then install new ones as their thirst for knowledge develops and matures. There are apps to help children learn right from the earliest years, right through their school years and education. With many apps for free you don’t have to spend the earth to give your child the best opportunity to fulfil their potential.

GoNote Skype Video call webcam

Picture Perfect!

GoNote Mini has a front facing VGA webcam so you can take great pictures to share with mum, dad or grandparents, or to photo manipulate, or finger-paint over!

For older kids, the webcam can be used to video chat with friends and family. Its great to collaborate with classmates about group projects and homework.

GoNote Skype Video call webcam

Photo Fun!

GoNote has a rear facing 2.0MP camera/video so ‘my first computer’ can also be ‘my first camera’! Its perfect for a child to start documenting their life, as well as things that interest them. Why not let the small members of your family take a snapshot of the cherished moments of their life to enjoy forever.

GoNote Touchscreen android kids netbook with qwerty keyboard mouse

Touch & Type

GoNote has a full QWERTY keyboard for you to type, an inset numerical keypad and numerous special Function keys so you can quickly change the volume or go to your Homescreen.

To navigate around Android you can either use the touchscreen, use the touchpad & mouse buttons, or you can even plug a USB Mouse into one of the 4 USB ports.


GoNote GNT10 10 inch Touchscreen Android 4 Netbook laptop notebook 1080p HDMI

MAX your GoNote Mini

If you plug your GoNote Mini into your TV via mini HDMI cable (not included) you can supersize whatever’s on the screen onto your HD TV, in glorious 1080p HD! Its perfect for showing off photos to family members, displaying a ‘painted’ masterpiece, enjoying apps as a group or streaming a video on a big screen!

Note- Image for illustration- when connected to TV GoNote Mini screen turns off.


GoNote GNT10 10 inch Touchscreen Android 4 Netbook laptop notebook school education


Make the “A” Grade

So why is GoNote a ‘must-have’ for kids? For younger kids there are apps for everything you need to help your child learn about the world, either on their own, or together with you. For older kids, the internet is undoubtedly one of the biggest and best resources of information available to children looking to research and read-around a subject. Whether kids are looking on Wikipedia, BBC Bytesize or one of a million other great websites there is an answer of everything.

GoNote Mini’s capacitive touchscreen interface means that computing becomes point and press- making the GoNote Mini accessible to kids and intuitive to use. Its great for kids to have ‘their own’ computer so they can take it everywhere they go, and feel that its their own window to the digital world. Overall, its the perfect blend so parents get a great academic tool for their kids, and the kids get a cool piece of tech that’s both engaging and fun, and helps them reach their full potential either by ‘direct learning’ or ‘stealth learning’.
Note: 10” GoNote pictured


Spec at a Glance

GoNote GNT7 7 inch Touchscreen Android 4 Netbook laptop notebook

Specification | GoNote Mini GNT7

Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4

Android 4 Operating System
• Multi-Tasking
• Straightforward to navigate, powerful OS
• Touchscreen, QWERTY Keyboard, Touchpad and L&R Mouse Button inputs

Apps & Games

1 Million Apps

• Search and Download up to 1,000,000 Apps
• Download Apps & Games straight to your GoNote
Note: requires internet access, and Google Account- terms apply.

7″ Touchscreen

Crystal Colour Display

• 7 inch diagonal display
• 800 x 480 pixel resolution
• Full Colour LED Backlit Screen
• 16:9 Widescreen Aspect Ratio

Touch your GoNote Mini


Capacitive Touchscreen Technology
• QWERTY Keyboard Function
• Mouse Button
• Scroll through webpages or photos, use touchscreen apps like Angry Birds
• Supports Capacitive Stylus input(not included)

Low Power & Powerful Chipset


1.2GHz ARM Allwinner A10 CPU
• Low-power, mobile processor
• Discrete HD graphics processing
• 4GB onboard Storage** expandable via Micro SD Card Slot (maximum 32GB)
• Internal Speaker


Inputs & Outputs

• VGA Front Camera- for Hangouts and Skype video calls
• USB 2.0 Port (full size)
• Mini USB 2.0 Port
• Mini HDMI v1.3 Port – output HD videos to your TV
Micro SD Card Slot – expand your storage (max 32GB)
• 3.5mm Audio Port – play music to earphones or speakers

Size & Weight


• Length – 200mm
• Depth – 119mm
• Thickness – 23mm
• Weight – 660g

Rechargeable Lithium


• Rechargeable Battery
• Lithium Polymer
• 3000mAH 3.7V Capacity

Wireless Internet


• Wi-Fi Internet Enabled
• 802.11 b/g/n
• High speed wireless
• Note :(requires Wi-Fi broadband access)

High Definition


• Play Full 1080p HD Movies
• Supports up to 1920 x 1080 HD video
• AVI, MP4, MOV, H.264 Video
• Output Video to your TV/Monitor via HDMI (cable not included)


Music & Audio

• Play MP3, WMA, WAV music
• Listen via onboard speakers,
or via earphones or external speakers (not included)
• Frequency response: 20Hz to 20,000Hz
• Stream Radio / Music via 3rd party apps*

Digital Pictures


• Enjoy Digital Photos or Pictures you’ve downloaded
• Enjoy stills from the webcam
• Set your own photos as the Homescreen wallpaper

Help & Support


• 12 Month Guarantee – Terms & Conditions apply
• Limited, Non-Transferable Return to Base
• Access to GoGuide- Android Help and Advice
• Access to UK Technical Support Helpdesk
• Message, Phone, eMail, Website Support



RoHS Certified
• Free of brominated compounds
• Free of clorinated compounds
• Free of antimony trioxide
• Mercury-free LED-backlit display
• Arsenic-free display

What’s Included

What’s in the box?

• 7” GoNote Mini
• Mains power adaptor (5V-2A)
• Quick Start Guide
GoGuide Access
• 12 Month Guarantee


Retailer Information

• Giftbox Dimension: 227 x 154 x 70mm
• Giftbox Weight: 1.3Kg
• Shipping Carton: 10 Pieces per carton
• Shipping Carton Dimension: 365 x 320 x 240mm

Download High Res Images (JPG)

What doesn’t it do?

• No GPS, embedded 3G, No G Sensor – eg tilt racing games will not work.
• GoNote is Android only- you cant install Windows OS.
• No access to Buy or Stream Movies
• Not all apps are compatible with GoNote Mini and Android 4.
• You need a Wi-Fi broadband network to connect to the internet. This is not included

*Requires Internet Access which may be chargeable. Requires signup for free Google Account, and free download. Terms and Conditions apply. If you add a credit/debit card to your Account always use a password key and keep it private so you are always in control of what apps and services are purchased. Screen images are simulated.** 4GB = 4 Billion bytes. Actual formatted capacity is less and storage quoted excludes ~1GB storage occupied by Android OS. Angry Birds images and screenshot are copyright Rovio Mobile. Specification subject to change without notice.