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Connecting to Wi-Fi Internet

GoNote connects to the internet using a wireless broadband connection*. You can connect using a home network, or when you’re out and about using the many free hotspots that you can find in coffee shops, libraries etc.
To connect to Wi-Fi please follow these simple instructions:
GoNote WiFi Internet Support

GoNote’s Inputs & Outputs

About GoNote’s Homescreen

To return to the Home Screen at any point press the Home Button on the physical keyboard- or in the bottom left corner of your screen.
To go Back to a previous screen press the Back Button.


The GoNote has a colour touchscreen, as well as dedicated physical buttons. The GoNote has a resistive touchscreen that recognises 2 finger inputs- so you can pinch to zoom into webpages or photos.
Don’t use any sharp or pointed instruments to use the touchscreen as this could damage the screen and invalidate your Guarantee.

Using the TouchPad

GoNote QWERTY Keyboard Support

TouchPad – Moves the pointer and selects or activates items on the screen. This is an alternative to using the GoNote’s Touchscreen. To move the pointer, slide your finger across the TouchPad surface in the direction you want the pointer to go.

Left Mouse button – Functions like the left button on an external mouse. Press once on the desired app/program icon to open.
Right Mouse button – Functions like the right button on an external mouse. In certain programs clicking the right mouse button will open an additional menu screen with further options.
Use the TouchPad buttons as you would the corresponding buttons on an external mouse.

Using an External Mouse

You can connect an external USB mouse to the computer using one of the USB ports on the computer. GoNote works with almost all USB mice whether they are wireless or cabled. Use the Mouse buttons as you would the corresponding buttons on the TouchPad.

Inserting Currency Symbols £ $ €

GoNote currency SupportYour GoNote is programmed to quickly insert currency symbols by a simple key press combination. Please see the diagram above.
To insert the £ (GB Pound) symbol simply press the Alt key and the letter R at the same time
To Insert the € (Euro) symbol press the Alt key and the letter E at the same time
To insert the $ (Dollar) symbol press the Shift Key and the number 4 at the same time

Using Hotkeys / Function Keys

Hotkeys and Function keys are a combination of the Fn key and the pressing of any other key with a blue character printed on it.
GoNote hotkeys support

Press Fn key and the F8 key to lower the volume or F9 to increase the volume
Press Fn key and the F6 key to lower the Brightness or F7 to increase the Brightness
Press Fn key and the F3 key to mute the volume and press again to turn the volume back on

Using the embedded numeric keypad

The 10 keys of the embedded numeric keypad can be used like the keys on an external keypad. When the embedded numeric keypad is turned on, each key on the keypad performs the function indicated by the icon in the lower-right corner of the key.

Press fn & num lock to enable the embedded numeric keypad. The num lock light is turned on.Press fn & num lock again to return the keys to their standard keyboard functions.

Using the HDMI Output

GoNote HDMI Support
Your GoNote comes equipped with a Mini HDMI output. This will enable you to reproduce what is displayed on your GoNote onto any TV or Monitor with a HDMI input.

The HDMI Cable is not included- please ensure you use the right type- its a Full Size HDMI Male (type A) that connects to you HD TV and HDMI Mini Male (Type C) that connects to the GoNote.
With your GoNote powered on insert the Mini HDMI lead into the port on your GoNote.
Now connect the HDMI lead into your TV or Monitor.
The screen on your GoNote will go blank.
Now change the input/source on your TV or monitor to HDMI and what was displayed on your GoNote screen will now be displayed on you TV or monitor.
To navigate the GoNote you will have to use the mouse as the touchscreen facility will now be disabled. You will notice your mouse pointer displayed on your TV or Monitor.

RJ45 Lan Port

For users that prefer the hard wired solution, your GoNote is fitted with an RJ45 Ethernet 10/100mbps port. This means you can connect to you internet the old fashioned way.
Insert one end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet port on your laptop, and insert the other end into your Broadband box

Power on your laptop. Open a web browser and away you go!

Office Documents

GoNote comes with Kingsoft Office pre-installed. This is a powerful suite you can use to create, edit and save documents, presentations and spreadsheets. To open it simply tap the Kingsoft Office icon on your GoNote’s homescreen. Its straightforward to use and if you need any help or support please visit

There are other great Office apps – you can buy Documents to Go or Office Suite Pro, or try out Cloud services like Google Docs.

How to Print

You can print wirelessly with GoNote if you have a Wi-Fi enabled printer.
Download Guide on ‘How to Setup your WiFi Printer’
[button_link style=”blue” url=”/downloads/GoNote-Setting-up-your-Wireless-Network-Printer.pdf”]Setting up Your Wi-Fi Printer[/button_link]


Using the Virtual Keyboard

To type some special symbols not included on the QWERTY keyboard you can use the GoNote’s virtual keyboard:

1 Tap a text input box to bring up the text cursor
(anywhere you would normally type, perhaps in an email or document).
Tap the keyboard symbol in the bottom right of your screen.

2 Turn the ‘Use physical keyboard’ button to the OFF position
3 The GoNote’s virtual keyboard will pop up and you can use it just like a normal physical keyboard.

Charging the Battery

The GoNote’s 900mAh rechargeable lithium battery gives around 5-7 hours of standard use (depending on use). GoNote ships with only a small amount of charge in the battery, so the first time you use it we recommend you charge it for around 8 hours using the 9V charger provided.
Note- Only use an authorised DC Power Supply as incorrect voltage/ampage can damage the Note invalidating your Guarantee.

Storage & MicroSD

Your GoNote comes with 8GB of internal storage*. You can expand this storage space by using an MicroSD Memory Card* up to a maximum size of 32GB.

To add a Micro SD Card carefully insert it into the MicroSD cards slot with the label facing upwards. You’ll feel a light ‘click’ which means the card is locked in place.
To remove it simply push the card inwards slightly until you feel a light ‘click’. This releases the card, allowing it to ‘pop out’ and you can gently remove it.

*Some of this space is used by operating system so the available storage space for efiles etc space will be less. MicroSD card is not included.

As well as storing your files on the internal 8GB Solid State Flash Drive, you can get an additional 5 GB Free* of Cloud Storage courtesy of Any files you store in the cloud are SSAE 16 Type II encrypted and kept securely in large data centres so you can access them whenever you can connect to the internet. You can also access them on your Windows PC, Tablet, Phone or iPad. If you feel you want some more storage you can upgrade to a massive 1000GB*!

Tethering Internet from your 3G Mobile Phone

Tethering is basically taking the 3G mobile internet in your mobile phone and turning it into a local Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing you to get internet access on your GoNote wherever you can get a 3G phone signal. Android 2.2 (and later) Phones and later and iPhone (iOS 4.3 and later) have Wi-Fi hotspot applications. Simply follow your devices onscreen instructions to turn it on, enable Wi-Fi on you GoNote or GoTab, search for the phone’s Wi-Fi signal on the other device and connect using the password:

This works much in the same way that you would connect your laptop or tablet to your home Wi-Fi network. To turn it off, simply un-tick the Portable Wi-Fi hotspot (Android) or press off on the Personal Hotspot screen (iPhone). Earlier versions of Android and iPhone operating systems do not include Wi-Fi tethering.

Note: Tethering charges may apply. To avoid unexpected charges, please switch off Tethering when you are not using your phone as a modem.
Note: The GoNote does not have any 3G connectivity internally.

Imortant Notice for Tethering your iPhone with an Android Device
Android operating systems do not recognise apostrophes in the Wi-Fi hotspot name (SSID) so ‘Joe Bloggs iPhone’ will not be searchable. Therefore if you change the hotspot name on the iPhone to ‘Joe Bloggs iPhone’ the GoNote will then pick up your hotspot and let you access the internet.

GoNote Full Reset Procedure

The GoNote has a full foctory reset method built in. Following this proceedure will restore your GoNote back to its factory settings and remove all personal data from the memory. Please back up and data before doing the reset as Ergo cannot be held responsible for any data loss. Please follow the steps below:

With the device powered off (look under the base of the Go Note and you’ll find a reset switch, use a paperclip to depress it just once)

Press and hold the right mouse key down and keep it held down whilst pressing the power key for 5-6 seconds until the screen comes on. Release the power button but keep the right mouse button depressed and you should see an Android character on his back and a reset menu will appear.

Once you see the menu, you can release the mouse key.
Using the up/down arrow keys select wipe data/factory reset – then press the enter key.

The next screen will show “confirm wipe of all user data” – using the cursor keys select YES delete all user data – the GoNote will now format itself until it reaches another screen and prompts to “reboot system now”. Press enter and the Go Note will reboot itself to a factory default state.

Once the GoNote has finished reformatting itself, you will be presented with a screen calibration screen, you need to touch the + at each prompt and finally select the Android in the middle of the screen and you’ll be back at the factory default state for the device. You can then start the GoNote as normal.

Frequently Asked Questions

My screen turns off?
• Your GoNote will automatically enter into sleep mode, you can change this feature in the settings

How do I turn my GoNote off?
• Simply press and hold the power button, tap the OK botton in the popup box that appears and the unit will turn off

How do I Charge my GoNote?
• You can charge your GoNote via the UK adapter supplied. (Not Supplied)

Can I copy files onto a Micros SD Card and then use on my GoNote?
• Yes, any pictures and music files can be viewed on your GoNote via Micro SD Card- Just use the File Explorer app

Note: *If using 3.5mm jack earphones (not included) always listen at a comfortable volume to avoid hearing damage. Always turn volume down, insert earphones then increase the volume to the desired level.
Don’t use sharp or pointed instruments to operate the touchscreen as this could damage the screen. Only use fingers. Please Note that GoNote uses Android 4 OS and is not compatible for you to install Windows® or Mac Operating Systems. Ergo cannot be held responsible for data loss- always keep a backup of your data in a secure location.