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play & learn with 1000’s of apps & games

Appi gives you access to 1000′s of apps to download. Theres great apps for learning, playing, creating and discovering. Best of all, Appi introduces your child to the world of tablet computing- so they can look back in the future at what they learnt on ‘my first computer’!

The GoTab appi is the best children’s tablet to help your kids learn & play, in a safe & protected environment. With Appi you can tailor your child’s learning experience to perfectly suit their needs and age range. From toddlers to teens there are amazing apps to help any child achieve their potential.

Please note many of the apps shown are not pre-loaded on Appi, but are Free to download*. By including parents in the process of choosing apps we think its the best way to tailor Appi to perfectly suit each individual boy or girl’s age, ability and interests so they get the very best from Appi.

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…for kids to

There are thousands of brilliant apps that can help kids of all ages learn and discover more. Appi can supplement teaching from your child’s school, and offer different perspectives with interactive learning apps.

…for kids to
read a book…

Download an eReader app to give your child access to a whole world of amazing ebooks everywhere you go. From read along apps, to awesome kids ebooks, to the works of Shakespeare, there are great books for journeys, holidays, bedtime or for school.

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…for kids to
learn language

There are great apps to help younger children learn the alphabet, reading, spelling, phonics and can help them to learn to write.

There are also great apps to help kids get a grasp of foreign languages like French, German, Spanish and even Chinese!

…for kids to
create & paint…

With a touchscreen crayon stylus included in every box, your child can create a masterpiece with some awesome drawings apps. Just remember to stay within the lines!

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…for kids to
play & have fun!

Android has some of the worlds most popular games. There are thousands of interactive games to choose from and are great to keep kids entertained, engaged.

…for kids
who love animals…

The ultimate virtual pet, the GoTab appi gives your children access to talking animals, animal books, animal facts and you can even have a virtual tour of zoos around the world!

…for kids to
explore & discover…

Theres a whole world out there; so when kids arnt running, jumping and climbing trees, they can discover the world and beyond with GoTab Appi…

…for kids to
revise and organise…

GoTab Appi can help with researching homework, planning for exams, keeping notes and generally staying organised and on top of things. 

…for brain training
and problem solving

Ther are loads of great brain training and puzzle apps, and many apps have superb problem solving aspects to help develop your childs lateral thinking. Theres also brilliant word games, maths games, Sudoku and apps to help develop memory and understanding. 

…for kids to
who love music…

Appi is a great way for children to start attuning their musical ear with a range of great musical instrument apps available for free.