tablet computing in a safe enviroinment

Appi is a fully featured Android tablet with our exclusive app ‘GoTab Appi’ as the backbone of the parental control.

This lets you customise what your child can and can’t do on the tablet, so they get the benefit of everything tablet computing can offer, but Mums and Dads are in control.  

With appi, the options are almost limitless. With over a million apps in total to choose from there are thousands of amazing apps specifically designed for kids.

You can access most of these apps, and many are for free- but the great thing about appi is that you can allow or restrict access to any app, or even use multiple accounts so different kids get different apps to use.

Appi ships with a small number of apps pre-loaded so you’ve got something to play with straight away. But we didnt want to fill up your child’s tablet with loads of stuff you don’t want (a young girl wants different things to an older boy for example). We think that parents should be involved in the decision process, so parents can tailor Appi to perfectly suit your boy or girl’s age, ability and interests. 

block or allow
…you choose

Appi gives Mum’s and Dad’s access to over a million apps. Then you can choose to allow or block individual apps, block in the internet and even block kids from downloading any new apps full stop.

You have complete control over what apps your child uses, so you can tailor appi to perfectly suit your child’s individual needs.

PIN protected

Appi uses PIN protection so you have full control over all the settings and options. Appi loads from when you turn the tablet on* and you need an PIN to exit- so your child is in a closed safe environment.  


The Appi software has been designed to be simple and straightforward to setup and use. You dont need to spend forever getting to grips with appi, which means your child gets more time ‘hands on’ with the apps and games!

protective silicon case

Appi comes with both an interchangeable pink and a blue case in the box, so you can change the colour. Its made from food-grade silicon so is safe and easy to wash clean.

The case is removable so if your child outgrows the case and wants to be more ‘grown-up’ then you can take it off in a jiffy.

lightweight, protective design

The Appi silicon case has been designed with large, squishy corners to help protect the tablet against bumps and knocks. Its innovative internal structure means that its doesn’t feel heavy to hold, and feels comfortable in the hands.