6″ GoFone™ GF60

➲ 3G & Wi-Fi,  Dual SIM, Android™ KitKat™ OS,  Dual Core CPU, 2MP Camera,  GPS,  Bluetooth

5.5″ GoFone™ X GF55X

➲ 3G & Wi-Fi,  Dual SIM, HD Android™ KitKat™ OS,  Quad Core CPU,  8MP Camera,  GPS,  Bluetooth

  • This is a very good quality phone and it is perfect for the price. Working just perfectly all round. Screen is big and and responds well so now I hardly use my computer or laptop – just loving it!

  • Excellent very nice piece of kit and nice looking, screen is brilliant, looking forward to taking on holiday and having the ability to use a local sim.

  • Just the right size to handle everything u need from a phone, my wife liked it so much i have ordered 1 for her.


  • This device combines both tablet and phone and here comes the bonus it is duel sim has a large screen overall an excellent purchase

    Bought GoFone - GF50X

  • Excellent, does exactly want I want, Takes great photos, fast internet connection. Very pleased.

    Bought - GoFone GF50X

5″ GoFone™ X GF50X

➲ 3G & Wi-Fi,  Dual SIM Android™ KitKat™ Mobile Phone,  Quad Core,  8MP Camera,  GPS,  Bluetooth


5″ GoFone™ GF50

➲ 3G & Wi-Fi,  Dual SIM Android™ KitKat™ Mobile Phone,  Dual Core,  5MP Camera,  GPS,  Bluetooth

GoFone Windows Phone 8 Smart Mobile Phone

4.7″ GoFone™ GF47W

➲ 3G & Wi-Fi, Windows Phone™ 8.1,  Quad Core CPU,  8MP Camera,  GPS,  Bluetooth

GoFone Feature Mobile Phone

2.4″ GoFone™ GF20

➲ GSM, Feature Phone, SMS, Rear Camera, Bluetooth

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