the grown up tablet for little people

help your child grow, develop & have fun with apps & games


The GoTab appi is the best children’s tablet to help your kids learn & play, in a safe & protected environment. With 1000’s of educational apps games to download, there’s plenty for you and your child to enjoy, and with built in parental software you have total control.

  • For Education & for Fun!

  • 6″ Appi Perfect for Younger Kids

  • 9″ Appi Perfect for the Whole Family

  • Perfect for Boys or Girls

  • For Ages 3 – Teen 

  • Touchscreen Crayon Stylus

  • Silicon Case Protects from Bumps

More about the Benefits for Kids
  • Full Parental Control

  • 1,000’s of Apps for Learning

  • 1,000’s of Games for Fun

  • Block Apps / Internet / App Store

  • Multiple Kids Accounts

  • Set a Time Limit on use

  • Simple & Intuitive to use

More about the Parental Control
Kid’s always using your tablet?

Get them their own Appi tablet and you can get yours back…

…and let them benefit from playing & learning in a safe environment, that you’ve got total control over.

How kids use tablets

Play downloaded apps and games (77%)
Learning / educational purposes (57%)
Entertainment while travelling (55%)
Watching TV shows / movies (43%)
Keeping occupied at a restaurant / event (41%)
Communicating with family members / friends (15%)


Source: Nielsen

1000’s of apps to learn and play

…tailor your child’s GoTab Appi to perfectly suit your child’s interests, age, gender & ability

personalised apps can help your child to achieve their potential

Complete Parental Control

Easily ‘lock down’ as much or as little as you want.
No unwanted downloads or buying new apps*

You choose all the apps your child can use. So they are independent and safe 
Block access to the internet, email & downloading / buying new apps
Perfect for Boys & Girls of all ages

GoTab Appi comes in 6″ and 9″ screen sizes so its ideal for little people of all ages. GoTab Appi ships with both a Blue & Pink case in the box so its a great gift for both Boys and Girls.


The 6″ GoTab Appi is perfect for younger children as its smaller screen and lightweight design are perfect for smaller fingers!

The 9” GoTab Appi has a larger screen so there more space for apps and games. It also features a dual core processor and more storage so theres just more, more, more!

Perfect for the whole family

with multiple user accounts you can customise each users apps

Perfect for the whole family, you can give each child a different user account and access to different apps. The GoTab Appi is a fully featured Android tablet so Mum & Dad can exit the Appi Parental Control software  to use grown up apps, internet, email and more…