First things first…

What’s a GoTab for?

Work & Play: Check emails, connect to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, watch YouTube and video streaming, play your favourite music and the latest games.

Apps: Over a Million applications let you download games, music, news, business tools and more.

Internet: Surf the net. Its a much more immersive experience when you’re sat on the sofa browsing the sites you like, than sat in front of a computer.

Lets talk Android

With over 1 Billion users worldwide, Android is one of the world’s most popular ever operating systems. Its intuitive to use, and straightforward to learn and because all GoTabs are touchscreen, you just point and press whatever you want to do.

Android really came of age with Android 4.0 (every GoTab uses Android 4+ Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean) so you can enjoy the latest features like Google Now, Voice Search and the newest interfaces.

What about Apps

Android has an ‘eco-system’ that is diverse and always evolving which has resulted in over 1 Million apps and games being created. There are amazing apps for everything you can think of so there’s something for everyone, including thousands of the best for free.

Its not all just about apps – you can also download, movies, TV shows, music, ebooks, magazines and well as apps.

Which GoTab is right for me?

GoTab-Tablet-Buyers-GuideTheres a lot of work creating the perfect blend of specification and price of each GoTab. Our entire team works hard to develop tablets that offer the best breakthrough technology, which are available at prices that are affordable and realistic for everyday life. This ‘Tablet Buyers Guide’ will give you some advice on which is the best tablet for you and your family.

With all the hype surrounding Apple products, you might be wondering whether iPads are the only tablets worth buying. We’re here to offer our opinion why GoTab can give you a similar great experience, but help you get a whole load more ‘bang for your buck’!

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Know your needs

There are plenty of important questions you should ask yourself before decide which GoTab is going to be the best for you. The most important is, “What are you planning to use it for?”

Are you looking to replace your computer or do you simply want to surf the net, email, watch YouTube, use Facebook or read an eBook when you’re on the go?


Which size is right for me?

Think about how you are going to use your tablet before deciding which is best for you.

Compact | a 6” or 7” GoTab is best if…
• You want a lightweight, easy to hold device.
• You want a portable device that can fit into a small bags or jacket pockets.
• You want to use a tablet as an eReader
• You take your GoTab everywhere you go.

Mid Size | a 7.85”, 8”, 9” GoTab is best if…
• You’re a bit like Goldilocks! These mid-size tablets are best if you want a half way house, not too big, not too small. If you cant decide whether to go big or small then a mid-size tablet is probably right for you.

Big Screen | a 9.7”, 10” or 13.3” GoTab is best if…
• You like watching lots of movies. Although compact GoTabs play films well (even HD 1080p), it’s generally a better movie experience to watch a film on a bigger screen.
• You do a lot of typing If you regularly type documents and emails, a larger screen will make this easier.
• If you leave your tablet at home and do a lot of surfing sat on the sofa. If portability is not an issue then why not go for the biggest screen you can! More screen, more everything…

How much memory do I need?

Most GoTabs have 8GB or 16GB which is plenty of memory for most user’s files, photos and music. The great thing about GoTab is that you can expand your storage by using a Micro SD card (max size 32GB) so you can easily and cheaply boost its capacity.
Please Note: The Android OS takes up around 1.5GB of your storage which you cant use.

Wi-Fi or 3G?

All GoTab’s come with Wi-Fi so you can connect to your home / office or cloud network. Most users will be fine with Wi-Fi only.
However, if you need constant access to the internet and emails when you’re out and about, then a 3G GoTab is the best option for you. To access 3G you need a 3G SIM card and data contract (just like on a mobile phone) so accessing 3G will cost you money every month. Because of this, we don’t make as many 3G tablets, so your choice is more limited.
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