Add, edit, or delete contacts using the People app

Add contacts

You can add contacts on your GoFone and synchronize them with the contacts in your Google Account or other accounts that support syncing.

Open the People app  . People opens to the main list of your contacts. You can view them in three ways at the top of the screen: Groups , All contacts , and Favorites .

To take or select a picture to display next to the name, touch the picture icon to the left of the contact’s name.

  1. While viewing the All tab, touch the Add Contact icon.
  2. If you have more than one account with contacts, touch the one to use.
  3. Type the contact’s name and other information. Touch a field to start typing, and swipe down to view all categories.
  4. To add more than one entry for a category – for example, to add a work address after typing a personal address – touch Add new for that field.To open a menu with preset labels, such as Home or Work for an email address, touch the label to the right of the item of contact information. Or, to create your own label, touch Custom in the menu.
  5. Touch the Groups field to add the contact to one or more Contacts groups. Or touch Create new group in the menu to add the contact to a new group.Groups are synced between People on your phone and Contacts on the web. To view your contacts from a desktop computer, go to If you aren’t already logged in, you need to provide your Gmail address and password.
  6. To open a menu with a variety of other kinds of contact information you can add, touch Add another field.
  7. When you’re finished, touch Done.


Edit contact details

  1. Open People.
  2. Touch the contact you want to edit.
  3. Touch Menu > Edit.
  4. Edit the contact information.
  5. Touch Done.


Delete a contact

  1. Open People.
  2. Touch the contact you want to delete.
  3. Touch Menu > Delete.
  4. Touch OK to confirm that you want to delete the contact.


If you delete a contact from a Google Account, the contact is also deleted from Contacts on the web the next time you sync your device.