Connecting to Wi-Fi

Connecting to Wi-Fi
In order to download anything, send eMails or browse the web you need to be connected to Wi-Fi Internet.

GoTab connects to the internet using a wireless broadband connection*. You can connect using a home network, or when you’re out and about using the many free hotspots that you can find in coffee shops, libraries etc. To connect to WiFi follow these instructions:

If you cant see the image above please follow these simple instructions:
: : Tap the Settings icon on your home screen, you should now see a screen that says wireless and networks

: : Slide the Wi-Fi button to the right so it’s in the ‘ON’ position.

: : GoTab will scan the area and display a list of all Wi-Fi hotspots in the local area. Tap the name of the Wi-Fi hotspot you wish to connect to.
Note: if your hotspot doesn’t appear tap the ‘SCAN’ button

: : If the hotspot is an ‘open network’ GoTab will connect automatically and you can start surfing.

If the hotspot is ‘password protected’ (secured networks are indicated by a padlock icon and you will see the sercurity type- WPA2 PSK or WEP) you need to get the password from your Internet Service Provider, or from your network administrator (the IT guy at work, or the coffee shop staff). Enter the password in the popup box that appears and tap Connect. Note: Passwords are cAse SenSItIVe and to check you’ve typed the password correctly you can tick the box to ‘show password’ rather than hiding it as dots.

Once your WPA/WEP key is accepted, GoTab will show ‘obtaining IP address’ then ‘connected’.

: : Tap the Home Button, then the Browser Icon to open the internet browser. Tap the white box at the top and type a website address (URL) or entera search term to perform a ‘Google Search’ of the internet. You are now surfing wirelessly!

Note: In the event that you have made a mistake or wish to change your WPA/WEP passcode, by clicking on your router name in the available list it will ask you to “cancel” or “forget” by selecting forget, you can erase the passcode and re- enter again following the steps above. After a few attempts to connect, if the “authentication failed” or “authentication problem” is displayed you should contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
If none of this is successful, please try taking the tablet to a friend or neighbour who will allow you to connect to their Wi-Fi network, this will establish whether the device is at fault or whether it is an issue with your router settings or Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Note: Viewing Flash To view Flash content you need to download the Adobe Flash app from the Google Play Store- its free!

Note: Automatic connections When the Wi-Fi is turned ‘ON’ GoTab will automatically reconnect to any Wi-Fi hotspots it has used before. GoTab will ‘remember’ up to 10 hotspots.

Note: To extend the life of your battery between charges, turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not using it. You can add a widget to your home screen to quickly do this. You can also set your device to disconnect automatically from Wi-Fi networks when it’s sleeping.

*Wi-Fi Broadband may be a chargeable service. Wi-Fi Broadband is not included with your GoTab.

Advanced Users:
For advanced information such as how to change Proxy Details or to connect to a VPN click the button below
Advanced Users


  1. Craig Rabjohns

    Hi, I’ve just received my GoTab 9″ dual core jelly bean. For some reason it will not pick up a wifi connection even though our wifi is turned on. Can someone give me some advice please. Many thanks

    1. Go Support

      Hi Craig, If you’ve followed the instructions in your Quick Start Guide or on this GoGuide page and it wont connect then please call us so we can talk you through the connection steps and try to work out if theres anything wrong.