Free up some storage space in GMail + Google Drive + Photos

If you use GMail on your GoTab (and shared storage space on Google Drive & Google+ Photos) you might find yourself running low on storage space. So how do I free up some space? Here are our top tips for clearing out a significant amount of storage in your Gmail account.

Delete BIG files

The Gmail search box lets you search for specific file types, and with the maximum attachment size of 25MB, looking for Music or Movies may help free up some serious space.
• Search for filename:mp3 or filename:mov to find larger attachments that you dont need anymore.

• Or just search for larger:5m to get all your biggest files which you can whiittle down to the bear essentials

• Search for all emails with attachments by opening the drop-down box on the search bar and ticking the “Has attachment“.

• Dont want to delete an Office file? Convert them to the native Google formats, which won’t count against your storage quota.

Use plain text emails

Although they dont use much more space than plain text emails, 1000’s of HTML emails can add up to alot of extra storage.
• Set your next email to ‘plain text‘ and Gmail should remember your choice in future saving you future storage space.

Erase old emails

The Gmail search box can help you find older messages that you’re never going to look at again.
• Search for older_than:2y to see all emails from more than two years ago. Then select the unwanted ones (or select all) and press the trash button

Download local copies

If you can’t bear to lose your older or larger Gmail messages forever, you can download a local email client which will store your older emails on your GoTab or Computer rather than in the cloud. By switching on POP or IMAP through the settings page you can get your messages into a desktop program and then save or export them as required. Our advice is ‘Dont be a hoarder and have a good old spring clean!”.

Note: always keep a record of important documents, files, emails & transactions etc for future reference. My Go Ltd is not responsible for any data loss.