My GoFone or GoTab Won’t Turn On

You turn on your GoFone or GoTab by pressing its power button — simple! Your phone or tablet may not be powering on because it’s broken, however, if there’s a software problem, the following steps may help to fix it.

Note: Running your GoTab GT7 or GT10X right down to 0% battery may cause these issues.

Charge it for 20 Minutes

If your battery is almost dead, you’ll often see an “empty battery” indicator on the screen when you try to turn it on. But, if you let the battery completely die, your phone or tablet won’t respond at all when you press the power button.

To fix this problem, just plug to into a wall charger and let it charge. You can’t just plug it in and try to turn it on immediately — you’ll need to give it a few minutes to charge first. Plug it in and let it charge for 20+ minutes so the battery has at least 15% charge. Come back later and power it on with the Power button. If the problem was caused by a dead battery, it should boot up normally.

Try a different charger

If it doesn’t work at all, try plugging the device in with a different cable and charger. The charger or cable could be broken and preventing an otherwise-good device from charging.

‘Long-Press’ the Power Button

Like other computer operating systems, Android can sometimes hard-freeze and refuse to respond. If Android is completely frozen, your device may be powered on and running — but the screen won’t turn on because the operating system is frozen and cant output a display to the screen.

You’ll need to perform a “soft reset,” to fix these types of freezes. This cuts the power to your phone or tablet entirely, forcing it to shut down and boot back up. You’ll need to long-press the Power button. Press your device’s power button and hold it down for thirty seconds or longer (try this a few times just to be sure). This will cut the power to your phone or tablet and force it to boot back up, fixing any hard freezes.

Remove the Battery

On a GoFone with a removable battery, you can remove the battery, wait about ten seconds, and then plug the battery back in and boot it up.


If the above steps fail you may need to reset your firmware. We recommend you contact us first before trying this so the Go Tech Team can discuss your situation and provide the best advice.