Improve your GoTab’s Battery Life

If your GoTab is constantly looking for updates, getting your newest emails and searching for the latest news, your GoTab is contantly using more and more battery. By following any of the steps below that are relevant to you you can help to improve your GoTab’s battery life so you can play Angry Birds rather than looking for your charger!

Turn-off App Auto Update (it’s a tick box in the Play Store)
The auto-update feature in the Play Store uses a lot of power while auto-searching and downloading app updates. Leave this feature ‘unticked’ and manually update apps regularly when you’ve got a power supply/Wi-Fi.

Disable Haptic feedback
GoTab’s ‘Vibrate’ function uses a lot of power to turn a small motor. Turn the vibrate function off in the Settings

Turn off system sounds
Go to Language and input, configure input methods, under Android keyboard, click Settings, and uncheck Sound on key press.

Turn off Push Notifications
If you have push notifications on, your GoTab is constantly requesting updates about emails/ news/ updates etc
Turn off App Notifications: Open your Settings > Apps > Manually manage any app’s notifications on an app by app basis by ticking ‘Show Notifications’.

Self Diagnose the biggest drainers
‘Battery Optimising’ Apps like Du Battery Saver gives you a much better indication of what’s eating away at your GoTab’s battery over time, which can help pinpoint whats the key culprit in draining power. If its non-essential then it’s a good idea to uninstall.
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Remove non-essential widgets
Whilst it is probably quite useful to see the week’s weather with a flick of the home screen, you might want to remove that weather widget if you are not using it too often. Widgets use an awful lot of processing power and can really drag down the operating system’s performance.

Monitor apps for memory usage
Some apps use a lot more memory than others. Obviously that is to be expected, but sometimes this can cause problems if they re using a lot more than they should. By using an app monitor
such as Watchdog, you can keep an eye on your apps and turn off those that are simply using too much memory.

Remove unused apps and data
Is your device full of apps that used to be essential, but now just sit there doing nothing? Delete them and free up some space on your device’s internal memory. You might want to look through your gallery and music library too. Basically, remove everything you do not need and reclaim storage capacity.

Keep Apps up to date
One of the best ways to improve the performance of your device is to keep it entirely up to date. Make sure it is always running the latest versions of your apps. Sometimes a bug fix can dramatically improve your device’s performance.

Do not use Defragmentation apps or Task Killers
For years we have been told that defragmenting our PCs will speed up our systems. While this is certainly true of larger computers, mobile devices use SSD drives to store data – defragmenting these is completely unnecessary and can even shorten the lifespan of your device’s memory. The new Android OS’s running on GoTab take care of their own processes.

Keep your GoTab Cool
Prolonged periods at ‘elevated temperatures’ gradually lowers your GoTab’s battery efficiency over time, with batteries working most efficiently in cooler temperatures. Don’t keep your GoTab in direct sunlight or close to heat sources, the GoTab is better off in a [hand]bag rather than a pocket where it absorbs body heat.

Turn off Auto-sync
Go to Accounts and Sync, uncheck Auto-sync which uses battery.

Battery Saver & Recalibration
The Battery gauge on an Android device should be re-calibrated periodically. This is achieved by allowing your device to reach a low battery level (sub 10%) and then recharging for around ~5 hours. There are various useful battery management utilities on the Play Store to assist in conserving and optimising battery life; eg Battery Repair.


Don’t keep your GoTab in a lead lined box!
A strong connection to the 3G network requires less power to maintain. Put the GoTab close to a window and point it in the direction which gives the maximum number of network strength bars. Turning your GoTab 45 degrees can actually make the battery last longer.

Turn off GPS (applicable to GPS enabled GoTabs only)
Go to Location and Security, uncheck Use GPS satellites, which consumes more battery life and resources.


    1. Go Support

      HI Neil, Yes- to keep some things like the internal clock running your GoTab may use a small amount of charge. We recommend that you charge the battery at least every month to help extend the battery’s life.

  1. Jean Foster

    My tablet wont switch on, all that’s happening is that I get a battery outline icon enclosing an exclamation mark like this !
    How do I get the tablet to respond??

    1. Go Support

      Hi Jean, It sounds like the battery has completely run down to 0%. Please plug in the charger and press the power button for 10 seconds. This should kick start the GoTab back to life after it gets a bit of charge in it (around 5% is needed). You might also need to press the reset button with a paper clip.

    1. Go Support

      Hi Joe, Please see here for some further instructions to change your keyboard layout. Otherwise you can get the @ symbol by pressing “Shift + 2”.