How do I make and answer a phone call?

Please note that the GoFone doesn’t come with a SIM card or network connectivity. To make calls you need a SIM card on Pay as you go, or a contract. You can however use various apps to make calls or send message over Wi-Fi for free (such as Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat).

For information about using Dual SIM, please see here

To Make a Phone Call

  1. Touch the Phone icon   or phone-icon-mtk on the Home or All Apps screen.
  2. If the Phone app opens to a list of numbers instead of the keypad, Touch the touchpad-button to return to the keypad.
  3. Touch the keypad to dial the number or choose a contact from All Contacts.

Find out how to create contacts here or how to sync your existing contacts here

  1. Touch the phone symbol   below the keypad to dial the number and start the call.

To Answer a Phone Call

  1. When you receive a call your GoFone will show the incoming phone number. If that person is a contact it will show their name, and maybe also their if they have a photo (if you have one assigned).
  2. To answer the call slide the phone symbol to the right until its on top of the green ‘pickup phone’ symbol.
  3. To Reject a call, slide the phone symbol to the left until its on top of the red ‘reject call’ symbol.
  4. To reject the call and reply with a SMS Text Message, slide the phone symbol upwards until its over the SMS symbol.
  5. To mute the ringtone (for example if you’re in a meeting), simply press the Volume Down key.
  6. When you put the GoFone next to your ear the screen will turn off so you dont press any buttons with your ear!


When the call is in progress you can tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to do the following:

  1. Tap  dialler-keypad to bring up the keypad (for example if you need to use an automated phone number- like ‘press 2 for sales’)
  2. Tap dialler-speakerphone to make the call on speakerphone
  3. Tap dialler-mute to turn off the microphone on your GoFone
  4. Tap dialler-pause to switch calls
  5. Tap dialler-add-caller to add another caller to the phone call.



To End a Phone Call

To end a call in progress, touch at the bottom of the screen.

 Switch Applications during phone call

You can switch applications during a call—for example, to look up information by using the Internet Browser, or your Calendar. The green phone icon appears in the Status bar while the call is underway.

To return to the Phone app while a call is in progress:

  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen to reveal your notifications.
  2. Touch the name of the person you’re calling, beside the phone icon.