Photo & Video

GoTab-android 4 camera-smallThe Camera app is a combination camera and camcorder. Some GoTabs have front and rear cameras, some have front cameras. The front facing camera is generally to allow you to make video calls using a variety of apps available on the Play Store, or you can start a ‘Hangout’ if you’re a Google Plus user.

You can view photos and videos you take with Camera in the Gallery / Super-HD Play app on your homescreen.
To take pictures and videos, first touch the All Apps icon and then the Camera icon

GoTab-android 4 camera-small

When the Camera App has loaded you can:
Take a photo: Touch the blue ‘shutter’ button.

Take a video: Touch the Video Camera icon and the Blue button now becomes a red ‘record’ button, touch when ready to film and again to stop the recording.

Take a panoramic picture*: Touch the panoramic icon then Green button to start, slowly pan the camera left or right for your desired image. Touch the green button again to stop. (*depends on GoTab Model)

View the most recently taken picture: Touch the thumbnail near the blue button.

You can now share the picture by touching the Gmail, Google+, Messenger, or other icons displayed along one side of the image.

From the Gallery App you can choose to delete an image by tapping the waste bin icon in the top right of the screen.


    1. Go Support

      Hi David, On some GoTab’s the Gallery is called Super HD Player or HD player- the icon is a rounded off square with a triangular ‘play’ button on it. You can find it by tapping the ‘All Apps” icon on your homescreen.

    2. Denis

      Hi when i press camera icon it comes on screen saying no storage no external storage available
      insert an sd card before using the camera

    1. Go Support

      Please see the article here about using the File Manager app where you can copy files from your GoTab and paste them onto the Micro SD Card.
      You can also use cloud photo apps like Dropbox or Google Drive, to store them in the cloud and access them on your GoTab, Phone, Laptop etc.

    1. Go Support

      Hi Margaret, Some GoTabs have front facing webcams so you can video conference or take ‘selfy’ photos. Some also have a rear facing camera for ‘camera’ style photos, videos or panoramic pictures- but not all GoTabs. I hope that helps.

    1. Go Support

      Hi Marion, You can take profile pictures or ‘Selfies’ using the front camera, and also use it for video conferencing like Skype or Google Hangouts. You cant take photos like on a camera as theres no camera on the other side. Many of our GoTabs do have front and rear cameras- up to 5MP so you can take really great photos and even Panoramic photos. Hope that helps

    1. Go Support

      Hi Alan, Most GoTabs should work with Skype, but as the app keeps updating and changing we cant guarantee compatibility with any third party app.

    1. Go Support

      If you press the power button and Volume down button simultaneously you can take a screenshot on most GoTabs. Alternatively, some also have a screenshot button in the main menu at the bottom of the screen- it looks like a square shape. All screenshots are saved to your internal storage and can be viewed in the gallery/Super HD Player app.

    1. Go Support

      All GoTabs can take photos. Some can take front facing “selfie” photos. Some can take both selfies and normal, rear facing “camera style” photos. It depends on which model you have.
      Press the apps menu button on your home screen, then tap the Camera icon. To take a picture just tap the big blue button.
      Then you can view the photo you just took in the Gallery / Super HD Player app and email it, send to Facebook/Twitter etc.
      If you get stuck just contact tech support.

    1. Go Support

      Hi Derek, To delete a screenshot, just go to the Gallery / Super HD Player then scroll to the screenshots you want to delete and tap the rubbish bin in the top right corner.
      Additionally you can connect the GoTab to your computer so you can browse the storage. Then you can browse to Pictures > Screenshots and delete them from there.